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Water Resources Development

With the increase in development of industrial, commercial, and residential properties comes an increase in the demand for safe drinking water. This demand comes at a time when historical and existing industrial/commercial operations have degraded many areas of groundwater, further necessitating the development of adequate groundwater resources.

Patriot Environmental Management performs the following tasks:

Site evaluation to visually identify potential surface water interferences, utility right-of-ways, sanitary systems, and potential sources of contamination.

Interaction with the appropriate regulatory agencies and submittal of the required information and data necessary to support the permitting of the water supply source.

Perform hydrogeological studies to identify potential well locations that would provide the greatest probability for intercepting fractures yielding the desired volume of water.

Supervision of test well construction and evaluation of initial water quality data to determine whether the selected location provides an adequate source of water.

The staff members of Patriot Environmental Management have extensive experience in identifying, evaluating, and permitting viable groundwater resources. Our services include all aspects of the geologic and hydrogeologic studies that are necessary to identify and evaluate groundwater. Through our partnering firms, Patriot Environmental Management has the ability to complete all tasks, including engineering, system design, drilling, and installation.