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Environmental Project Management

Environmental Project Management

Patriot Environmental Management, LLC provides Project Management Services to a wide variety of industrial and commercial clients. These services include interacting with in-house environmental managers to effectively oversee remediation and construction projects. Our senior management has worked with numerous larger consulting and remediation companies as a liaison between the consultant and client. This role includes evaluating engineering and consulting proposals, work plans, and final deliverables on behalf of the client, as well as interacting with regulatory agencies as the client representative. We are experienced in managing both Federal and State mandated programs.

Patriot Environmental Management also assists clients with their reporting responsibilities under Sarbanes Oxley, with respect to estimating future environmental liabilities. This includes periodic review of assumptions and estimates that were used to initially assign the value of the long term liability. In addition, Patriot Environmental Management will assess new estimates based on information obtained throughout the remediation and investigation process.

An important process in tracking remediation projects is working with the primary engineer or consultant as a team. Patriot Environmental Management’s comprehensive range of management skills allows us to assist in both a technical, as well as a financial role.