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Brownfields Redevelopment

Redevelopment of Brownfields properties is advantageous for many reasons, most notably: government incentives and the availability of existing infrastructure. These previously abandoned or unused properties can be redeveloped for productive uses at costs that are far less than developing open spaces.

Effective redevelopment of Brownfields properties includes some level of environmental activity. The developer and/or property owner must be cognizant of the environmental concerns at the property, particularly when redevelopment plans may alter and affect contaminated portions of the property.

Although government agencies provide multiple incentives to encourage redevelopment of these properties, the redevelopment activities must be conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local environmental regulations. This requirement may necessitate proper management of contaminated media on-site, and may require off-site treatment/disposal of this material if it cannot be managed effectively on-site. Patriot Environmental Management has the capability to work directly with the developer and/or property owner to address these environmental concerns in the most cost-effective and time-sensitive manner.


  • Patriot Environmental Management can offer assistance to the developer by performing the following:
    Pre-transaction investigation to identify potential areas of concern;
  • Participating in negotiations with the property owner to address environmental concerns;
  • Assisting in pre-development planning to prepare site plans that would utilize the property while limiting the impact to contaminated areas;
  • Interacting with regulatory agencies to effectively manage contaminated material on-site;
  • Site development oversight and support to implement management practices for contaminated media;
  • Completing applications for governmental grants and low-interest loans; and
  • Performing risk assessment studies to provide the necessary information for the engineer to design specifications that ensure worker safety and preservation of public health.



Pennsylvania Land Recycling
The staff members of Patriot Environmental Management have extensive experience within the Act 2 Program and have successfully completed multiple large ($250,000+), medium ($20,000 to $250,000) and small (<$20,000) scale projects. The successful completion of these projects has allowed our clients to discontinue long-term sampling requirements and receive liability protection from the regulatory agency, indicating that the client has satisfied all of the technical and administrative requirements. Many of these properties have been sold at or above fair market value and without the stigma of potential long-term environmental liability.

A release from future cleanup liability only applies to the contaminants and areas of contamination that are identified. Therefore, the release of liability is only as reliable as the site investigation activities. Unidentified contaminants or areas may result in project re-openers, possibly requiring additional remedial efforts.

The knowledge and experience possessed by the staff of Patriot Environmental Management allows our clients to know that the project will be completed correctly the first time.